The Coach

Coach Margie

Offers a safe playground for her clients to explore, learn, recover and experiment, suggesting that this doesn’t have to be hard work, even when it is.

Helps you to discover new tools to empower and bliss-ofy! your relationships and to let go of the patterns and behaviors that keep you distant from intimacy and love. 

Helps you to discover the root causes of your cluttering so you can clear out the mess once and for all.

Provides a relaxed and down-to-earth approach. Clients can expect an honest and vibrant process that gently pushes them to the uncomfortable places that need attention, while giving space for authentic expression, collaborative engagement and dynamic results.

Loves to see her clients evolve, empower themselves, positively change patterns and behaviors, and to gain new perspectives that allow them to re-design their lives, live their bliss, manifest their dreams, make right choices, and be truly happy.

Loves to have fun while helping you play a big game-the big game of YOUR LIFE! 

Brings a youthful spirit to her business.

Is known for her infectious laughter wherever she is. Laughing is good medicine and sets the tone for a fun game. It’s how Margie likes to coach.

Is ready to support you on the path of Getting Your Bliss-ology On! and never turning it off!

It’s your opportunity.

What choice will you make??


Training and Background

Master Certified Retreat Leader and Life Coach, through Mountain Coaching.

Specializes in supporting new couples wanting to do it differently “this time”, longer term couples committed to re-juicing their relationships, and individuals needing to clear the clutter in their lives.

Over 200 hrs of personalized coach training with Coachville and The Retreat Leaders Network.

Producer of Bliss101Radio on the BlogTalkRadio platform.

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader.

18 years experience leading/facilitating groups and retreats.

Co-Founder of ARTrageous Camps-A Creativity and Leadership Adventure.

Developed a Whole Health Personalized Assessment identifying 17 Elements integral to a life of Health and Wellness.

Supports groups and individuals in making healthy choices to have happier, more bliss-full experiences, in both their personal lives and the workplace.

Has successfully coached many couples, and individuals with clutter challenges, as well as women starting their own business, people with eating disorders, those in healing and recovery from addictions, brave men seeking a gentler path, young girls coming into their power, and many others seeking to make healthier choices towards a more bliss-full way of life.

Has appeared in Health and Spirituality Magazine, on the ICF (Int. Coaching Federation) SIG calls as a guest speaker, on Miboso Radio The Many Faces of Coaching show, on with a mini-series of Experiencing Joy, on Coachville Caffeine with Dave Buck, with Sharon Michaels on Woman Enjoying Success show, has had several feature articles in the Sierra Vista Herald and has had the honored privilege of being a repeat key-note speaker for an annual AZ Woman In Business Conference. She has also led and facilitated over 150 different events from tele-seminars, to retreats, to week long camps, and has loved every single moment of it! 

In her time off Coach Margie loves to dance, frolic in the woods, build community, read, grow sprouts, eat yummy food, and be in gratitude for this wonderful life on this most magnificent planet. Life is good!