Honoring All Womyn Part 2

Gaia, DetailAs March draws to a close, and Spring is showing up on our doorsteps with singing birds and budding crocuses, I find myself reflecting on the immense and amazing process of the life/birth cycle. Mother Nature, of course, is the ultimate metaphor, and truth, of this process. She is the Divine Mother, the powerful feminine standing strong in her authentic beauty, rawness, expansion and contraction. Her process does not include questioning or doubt, it is inherently trusted that the sun will rise in the morning, day will turn to night, Winter to Spring, and all that lives will die only to live again. It is an intricately designed system that works beyond our wildest imaginations, that is synergy in motion, perfection in the incredible perfection of it all. What lessons we can learn from this divine feminine force, from this iconic state of being.

March, as mentioned in previous posts, is the month that International Woman’s Day gets celebrated. Last weekend, in the small community I live in, we had a lively night of entertainment, showcasing some of Bisbee’s female talent, of which I was honored to be apart of, in acknowledgement of Woman’s day. Reading the original piece of my own, that I shared in my last post,  was sweet and vulnerable, and I felt so lovingly embraced as I did.

“Yoni Speaks”, by Melissa Seaman, is a powerful piece that has resonated with me for years, and this year it resounds strongly in my core even more so. Choosing to read this transforming piece was both scary and freeing. I share it with you here, giving full honor and credit to Melissa as a powerful Yoni Shaman, as she calls herself. This is important and necessary work for us all, men and womyn. It is my story, your story, her-story, his-story, Earth-story. Let me know what you think.

Yoni speaks..

I am angry. I have been transgressed. It was not him who desecrated me. It was you. You let him in to far – again!

I know, Womyn. Together we long to be touched in the Center, to be contacted in the deepest. We long to be seen for the radiant Goddess-carrier we are, in our fullness, in our power. And we long to be met by one who is willing to look on the terrible beautiful face of this full Goddess, to Stay.

But this was not the man. You knew that. And you still seduced him into the Holy of Holies, inviting him to take whatever he wanted from our sacred place. Your longing took the better of you.

How can you now blame him? Did you tell him the truth of your imagined agreement? Did you clear his consent for ownership? How can you forget how to protect yourself so?

You know how a man is programmed. He is dazzled by the light in the Temple. He is driven by desire and instinct. It is your Temple, and you invitation, that draws him or keeps him at bay.

I know. It has been eons since you held the gates of the Temple for yourself. They took away your guards long ago. You were dragged, screaming, by your hair, down the marble steps of the Temple, and into the street. You were cut, raped, opened, and bled. Many times.

You still remember the punishment in every cell of your body. I do not blame you Sister/Mother/Lover/Friend. But, I am calling you Home to your wisdom, with the power of my Rage.

You ask, “How, Mother, will I know how far to let him in?” I tell you. If he comes to leave an offering, allow him to the steps, to leave his first offering at the gates. If he is found worthy to receive from the Temple, then let him in, but only to the entryway, to the foyer, from which he might catch a glimpse of the glory, but not able to revel to long, nor take it away.

If you find he is trusted in Love, then allow him to approach your altar and pledge his devotion, to worship at your table. Meet him there and devote yourself with him. This is a deep place of offering, and even here, you are tempting heart break should you invite one who is not ready.

But only if you intend to let him claim you, should you invite him into the Holy of Holies. You know inside yourself, this place where he touches, and you Fully Open. This is the place of your Priest and Partner. This is the sacred place of Trust reserved for the Priest of the Temple-the one who will protect her with his own Life.

You will know this Priest because he will gladly lay the needs of his ego aside, and devote himself to the Vitality and Mystery that runs through you, honoring you as the keeper and the container, and pledging devotion to caring gently for this container in on going devotion.

Your Priest will not come for a day or a week. He will pledge himself to service of your Temple for his foreseeable future, because he will recognize that All He Seeks is in your eyes, your belly, your womyn’s soul.

He will find that you are his Gateway to the divine feminine, and he will choose wisely to honor you as such, despite his primal ego’s longing to collect Yoni’s in a fruitless habit of tasting gates instead of walking through them and dwelling Within.

Are you listening to your Yoni? Are you feeling healed, sensual, powerful? Yoni is a sacred Sanskrit word for vagina. She represents the secret power and voice of womyn. She has been silenced by the modern patriarchal cultures which have viewed her as dangerous and dirty.

But the voice of the feminine is awakening in the world, a co-creative process that reconnects all people to their creative joy, their integrity, and their feminine beauty and radiance.

Men, too, are finding their Yoni Power, as the feminine is alive in both men and womyn. Men willing to sit in their feminine energy have received some major healing’s in reconnecting to their own deep intuitive wisdom and mother energy.

Womyn everywhere are hearing the Call of their Yoni to become more fully feminine, alive, radiant, and powerful in the world. She again has a voice. Now it is her turn to speak..invite her and she will speak through you, and to you, too….

by Melissa Seaman

In Honor of All Womyn

Womans´ Suffrage cardSuffragettes posting bills (LOC)International Woman´s Day

March observes International Women’s Day, a time of honoring how womyn before us have paved the way in creating a life where we as womyn are respected for our divine contribution to the world around us. Started as a way to honor the movement for women’s rights and to assist in achieving universal suffrage for women, the celebration has now evolved, in my mind, to also include the honoring of our sacred feminine, that unique and divine quality that only womyn share.

It often passes without much fanfare in the mainstream media, at least here in the US, and few womyn that I know actually choose to find a way to celebrate it, or note it’s passing. In other countries it is a National Holiday, and men are encouraged to lavish the womyn in their lives, and womyn are encouraged to have womyn only celebrations. And, unfortunately, in still other countries, womyn are beaten for celebrating this day. Over the years I have done various things to bring awareness to this important event in the small community I live in, including an open mic night, a women’s movie night, sharing circles, ritual and ceremony. This year I am participating in an event that other local womyn are putting together.

A dear friend of mine, Damaris Margaret, many years ago started the All Woman’s Review-a diverse and eclectic gathering of amazing local womyn appearing on stage and sharing personal stories, poetry, song, dance and comedy. After a many year hiatus, when Damaris sadly moved out of town, Bisbee’s Obscure Productions is now reviving the Review this year. It’s going to be a fabulous, fun, entertaining and great night, and I am going to be reading 2 pieces. One is an original, and the other is a very powerful piece that has moved me deeply. I choose to be involved in this production to honor myself, to honor all the amazing and wonderful womyn in Bisbee, to honor Damaris, and to honor the divine holy feminine power.

This is my original piece I will be sharing… I will share the other piece next week (don’t want to  ruin it for those going to the event! ).

i am a womyn..

just trying to make my way

floating thru the minefields

of rape, abortion, abandonment

abuse and addiction

trying to make my way

on the path of

re-discovering my lost spirit

of yesteryear

reclaiming the lost child

that grew to fast, to hard

a painful time

of confusing intangible love

riding the waves

of adolescent-maiden storms

shipwrecked and sharkfood

i was a womyn just trying to find my way

back then

looking for love

in all the wrong places

seeking that valid connection

without knowing what

i was looking for

only that i had not found it


now, i am a womyn

making my way

transforming the mine fields

into flowers

bringing beauty in gently

thru healing

marking each day

as a miracle

i am a womyn making my way

along this wonderous

path of life

with other womyn

by my side

wounded, beautiful, recovering

healing, strong womyn

standing powerful in all

we have been

all we are

and all we will be

becoming bigger and bolder

with each new day

discovering our authentic selves

our hidden spirits

our loving hearts

holding each other’s hands

holding each other up

with these womyn

i am a womyn

getting stronger

releasing the pain

embracing the beauty

making right choices

being healthy

i am a womyn

creating my way.

~margie scott~


This piece was inspired by my Mentor Retreat Coach Helene VanManen, when she wrote a piece of the same name, which honors the lineage of fine womyn she comes from. Why not create your own? Take some time to sit with who you are, then write a piece to share with the world. Post it here, and I will celebrate you!

I look forward to seeing local Bisbee folks this weekend at The Central School Project for The All Woman’s Review. For everyone else, I invite you to take a moment and honor the great womyn in your life, and if you are a womyn, to spend some time celebrating your incredible greatness.