Time Flies

April 14, 2010 by  
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Oh my goodness! Has almost a month gone by since I last posted an entry?? It sure has.

It must be that Spring fever thing. So much going on. Growth happening. New life bursting forth with a unstoppable drive. New ideas, new energy, new beginnings……and the unpreventable urge to just lay in the hammock on these glorious Spring days.

Alas, while that would bring bliss into reality for certain, that has not been my reality! I’ve been following my bliss in other ways. Mostly by attending to the green things…plants, little seedlings, and young fruit trees. My house-mate has a great yard, and he just turned the top half of his front yard into a community garden, which I think is so cool. I’m looking forward to all the delicious, local, organic food that will be growing there soon and that we will get to eat. Beats any store bought food by along shot ( a very long long shot!!)

Spring time is known for it’s blissful energy. People fall in love more in the Spring. Lots of weddings happen too. Animals are mating all over the place and there is just so much possibility in the air. things feel fresh. Whatever the winter held for us it seems possible to let it all go, and almost forget the coldness that we felt.

What’s coming alive for you, dear reader? Are you following your bliss? What tools do you need so that you can? What skills can you leverage to support more bliss coming into your life? Are you paying attention to what thrills you and makes you smile?

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