Blissful Busyness

LooneyTunes Rainbow CirclesBusy, I’m so busy, my head is spinning, yaa, yaa, yaa, I’m so busy! (Insert soundtrack from old Tommy Roe song.) Oh yes, it is a busy time! The Summer Sizzle time, when to do what you want to, and to have the fun you want to have, you must line all your little ducks up and get everything in place.

Is it possible to experience bliss when your head is spinning from details, organizing, and planning? Well, certainly. It’s possible to experience bliss anytime, you just have to choose it!!

Seriously, how can we stay grounded when we are running in many directions, with lots to do, and many other things we want to do? I suggest these 5 elements:

1) Get organized! If you are going to go camping a lot this Summer, get all your gear together in one place. Put stuff in totes so it’s easy to load and unload from the car. Buy special camping kitchen-ware etc., so it can always stay with the camping gear and there is less you have to put together each time you head out for a trip. This allows for spontaneous trips too.

2) Coordinate calendars with other family members, and make sure you mark off time for all those fun things you want to do. If you don’t make the time, the time will pass by.

3)Prioritize. What is most important for you to complete this week? What needs to happen for you to go away without worry and stress? What’s the one, or 3, things you really want to do this Summer? Make a list with 3 columns, with the headings Have To, Want To, and Hope To. In each of those columns prioritize again.

4) Remember to take down time for yourself. Get still. Be quiet. Spend 6 hours laying in a hammock. This personal rejuvenation time is important in maintaining groundedness and calm.

5) Have fun! Even if Uncle George gets sauced at the family picnic and throws Grandma in the pool, as long as everyone stays unharmed, just laugh and enjoy what will soon be precious memories. Laughter heals just about anything. Summer is so short. Play whenever you can.

My busyness has been preparing for the “Living Your Business Bliss” Womyn’s Business Conference coming up this Friday. I am the keynote speaker, and am offering some workshop sessions. It’s the first time I have had the honor of being a keynote speaker, and I am super excited! And nervous. So, it’s time for me to go play a little and burn some of that off!

~~Play Big~~Laugh Hard~~Live Your Bliss~~!!

Business Bliss

Free SpiritI’m so excited! I’ve been asked to be the keynote presenter for a local Woman In Business Conference. It’s being called “Living Your Business Bliss”. Now, is that just the perfect place for me or what?

This all day affair will include vendors, networking, mini workshops (I like to call them play-shops!) and is being offered by the local Small Business development Center, out of Cochise College, and is available through a WIRED grant. All Cochise County womyn in business are invited, and, here is the totally cool part, it’s absolutely free! What an amazing opportunity for womyn!!

My keynote presentation is titled “Getting Your Bliss-ology On!” and I am going to be busting through some mythology on work happiness, getting wild with joyful activities, and inducing (hopefully) a state of bliss for the participants.

Not only do I have the honor of being the keynote, but I will also be presenting a play-shop. I’m going to be one busy girl that day! But that’s OK, because I love this stuff. Ya know, being in front of people, helping them turn on their bliss-ology, facilitating happiness thru new awarenesses and understandings, and getting people moving on all levels. This is when I get to be in my bliss. Not that I don’t love the rest of my work, and I truly love working with groups as a bliss facilitator!

My play shop will be “Self Care, Sustainability, and Satisfaction-the 3 legged Stool to Business Bliss”. I know, not a very sexy title, and it’s still going to be a lot of fun. This won’t be a typical talking head, power-point presentation, oh no! It will be interactive, engaging, and will get people out of their seats, out of their minds, and exploring all kinds of great things. After the conference, I’ll probably make this into a tele-class, so keep your heads up on that one!

If you are local to Cochise County, I highly encourage your participation in this event. Not just because I will be there, because it really is a fabulous event, with fabulous resources, and fabulous business womyn. What do you have to lose?

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Blissful Chaos

The Old Tree

Life is






a dancing microcosm

of expanding universal



So much to worry about.

So much to stress about.

So much to feel anxious about.


So much beauty, so much possibility, so much love.


Can you sustain your bliss in the midst of it all?

Can you find beauty among the chaos?

Can you dance in the rain and manifest the rainbow?


Bliss is a state of mind. It does not come to us through situations, people, or things. We harvest bliss within ourselves. This is our work. To realize heaven is right here on Earth, right now.