What Is Bliss?

Happy Fruit GrassBliss is a choice

Bliss is a way of being

Bliss comes from the inside out

It cannot be gotten anywhere

No one gives you bliss

You choose to let it enter your life

Bliss comes from following your inner truth

From knowing who you are

What you want

How to ask for it

Bliss doesn’t sit in the victim chair

It reminds you that everything happens for a reason

and helps you to learn the lessons

Bliss says no to drama

Yes to problem solving

Yes to listening

Yes to compassion

Bliss allows you to see the beauty

in the midst of chaos

Bliss opens your mind and heart

Bliss says Yes I can!

Bliss puts a smile on your face

& a rightness in your step

Bliss seeks peacefulness and resolution

It is loving and kind

Bliss makes your life garden grow

Providing a bountiful harvest for your enjoyment

Bliss brings you closer to God

Whatever God is to you

Bliss opens doors

Carries your burdens

Holds the space

and provides a strong foundation to your life.

Bliss is not selfish.

But it is self serving.

It has you unapologetically giving the world your wonderful, amazing and unique gifts

Bliss isn’t about what you do, it’s about who you are.

Happy Face

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Bliss In These Troubled Times

There is a lot going on in our world right now. The one thing that is most likely on every one’s mind is the huge disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. This catastrophe is beyond comprehension on many levels. The environmental devastation is monumental, we don’t even know the extent of it as the oil continues to gush into the ocean each day in absurd amounts. My heart cries regularly about it, as this human created nightmare wrecks havoc and chaos on the planet.

How do we stay centered in our bliss, connected to the joy and beauty of life around us, when such horrible events are happening? Maybe it’s not even something that is “over there”, maybe there is equal devastation happening in your life right now, somehow.

The last year has been a challenging one for me. This is what I learned, and shared at the conference, about staying in bliss in these troubled times:

  • Bliss never leaves, We just forget that it is there.
  • It is so important to reach out to others so we can be reminded of who we are.
  • Feel your feelings. So many times I wanted to feel better, and I knew if I didn’t experience the grief, rage, and despair that there was no way I could truly understand the gift of bliss.
  • Our thoughts are not the truth. During times of devastation it is natural for despairing and depressive thoughts to take control. However, at any time we can decide to think thoughts that bring us closer to bliss.
  • Bliss is a choice. While bad things happen, they are not our life, they are just a part of it.

One of the ways that I deal with the Gulf disaster is to spend every morning in meditation and prayer, where I send love, healing, and light to the Gulf , and to all beings affected by it. Prayers go to the plankton, the swimmy ones, the creepy crawlies, the winged ones, and the 2 legged’s. I ask for forgiveness and accept my part in what is happening. I pray that the powers to be will awaken to more life affirming choices, stepping away from greed and the wounding of this amazing planet. I use bells, and incense, and song, whatever will carry my words on the wind to be received by the oneness that is all of us.

Choosing bliss does not mean ignoring the reality of what is going on around us. It is about choosing to not get stuck in the ugliness and wound-ology of it all. Pray, sing loud, take responsibility, and then enjoy the life that is in front of you today.