Love For No Reason

January 11, 2011 by  
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Have you ever noticed how life has such a great way of providing us with exactly what we need, while putting us exactly where we need to be?

Have you also noticed how conditioned we are to not trust that, and to resist what the universe is offering? We tend to push against the flow, because we have our own ideas of how things should look or be, rather than believing that what is showing up is just perfect.

I’m in the midst of getting that reminder loud and clear right now. For a month I had been desperately seeking new housing, because a sudden turn of events required me to leave the home I recently had moved into only a few months prior. Nothing was showing up, and I was down to the wire. All packed up and no where to go. Then, I got a call from my sister. Mom was in the hospital, not doing well, and I needed to come home quick. In 2 days time, I was able to throw everything into storage, drop my cat off with some friends, and board the plane from AZ to CT, where I am now for an undetermined amount of time, caring for my Mom. It all is so perfectly clear now. But boy did I ever despair, resist, and question things up to now!

I think love is like this too. Someone shows up and we reject them because they don’t look like the model we prefer, or they don’t have the right job. Or maybe we believe we “aren’t ready”. We find a way to push away the perfection, allow the past to color the current moment, and despair that things aren’t the way we want.

Wouldn’t it be nice if this was all different? Well, I think there might be a way to break some of those old patterns, and to stop having the past color the current moment. Go here to learn about the new book “Love For No Reason” by Marci Shimoff, a featured teacher in the hit movie “The Secret”, and an upcoming guest on Bliss101Radio.

Marci’s fabulous book, “Happy For No Reason” has been a profoundly important book for me the last couple years, and is a foundation for my current work and coaching. So, I am real excited to partner with Marci in launching her new book, and to have her on Bliss101Radio this coming Friday.

And together, let’s find new ways to Love For No Reason in this upcoming year. Because really, what else is there?


Coach Margie

Check out this great video on the perfection of being exactly where you need to be.