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Valentines Day was the other day. Did you notice?

Hard not too if you’ve walked into any store within the last month or so. Or peeked in on Facebook yesterday, as every friend was making some kind of post about it, for or against. (Most are for the whole love thing, thank goodness, just not the commercial element of it!)

The night before I had a conversation with a friend and said “wouldn’t it be awesome if people treated every day as if it were Valentine’s Day? Bringing each other chocolates and flowers and writing little love notes to show appreciation and affection to those special people in our lives?” I don’t know about you, but I much prefer to get special treats for no reason, and to be surprised by a spontaneous expression of love rather than one inspired by a Hallmark holiday.

Appreciation is a good place to start. Do you make it a regular practice to let people not only know that you appreciate them, but why? Do you hear yourself saying things like “I really appreciate the way you listen when I’m talking without interrupting, because it helps me know that you really are interested in what I have to say”, or “I appreciate the way you contribute to our group with your grounded-ness and wisdom, as it really helps us stay focused”. These little expressions show others how we value them and it sets the tone for intimacy and love to deepen.

Other ways to show appreciation are through actions……by keeping commitments with our loved ones, by being honest and acting from a place of integrity. I cooked a wonderfully simple yet delicious meal for a friend last night, which for me is a metaphor for nurturing and says I value this relationship and so nurture our relationship by nurturing you. Get creative. How can you discover new ways to show appreciation and gratitude for the people in your life that are special?

Love calls upon us to open our hearts, to be love and give love in order for love to come back to us. While it may sound narcissistic, the ability to manifest love in our lives comes from a foundation of loving ourselves. Before we are able to truly appreciate others we must be able to appreciate the incredibleness with in ourselves, and to value ourselves, right now, right here, as we are. Before we can embrace love coming towards us, we must be able to love ourselves enough to be able to send love out, unconditionally, compassionately, and with trust. Andy Dooley, a very cool dude who I have been following lately, really nails this idea in this funny and wonderful video. 

While many of us know that we might need to do things differently in our relationships, it’s not always easy to integrate this awareness into our every day lives. Sometimes it is just a matter of re-training ourselves while committing to creating positive change and transformation. They say the longest journey is from the head to the heart. Why not bring along a guide who can support you in bringing light to the dark places, who is skilled in recognizing the blocks that keep you from intimacy and connection, who has the awareness of new ways of doing things, and can train you to make that shift??

I invite you to consider the idea of hiring a skilled relationship Coach to help you on your way. You can check out my offerings here .

My heart is full with the wonder and gratitude of all the love in my life, and the many opportunities placed before me to engage in ways that serve love, to guide and support others on their path towards deeper intimacy, and to bring an alive juiciness into the world around me. Yaa love, it really is the answer to most any question.  :)


Life, Love and Bliss

Time FliesWell, true to the word of my last post, I haven’t been writing here to much. Have you noticed that time just seems to speeding up exponentially lately? Holy cow! I just can NOT even believe that my last post was 3 months ago, that it has been one year since my mother passed, that we are into February. All I have to say is WOW!

I recently listened to a great YouTube interview with Gregg Braden , an author who bridges science and spirituality. He had some really interesting things to say about where things are right now astrologically, within great time patterns, polar shifts, and how that all relates to the sense of time speeding up.

Oh good, I’m not crazy.

Lately I’ve been experiencing these immense, what I have been calling, energy downloads. They just drop in and all of a sudden I am a bundle of nerves and vibrating energy that I don’t know what to do with. Sometimes it manifests as anxiety, other times as total ungroundedness, and once or twice it was tinged with a bit of fear. I was freaking out trying to figure it all out-what was causing this? What did I eat? Have I been on the computer to much? Is it that new vitamin supplement? (No, I stopped taking it and it still happened! )

And then I listened to the above mentioned audio and he talks about how a lot of people are experiencing this exact same thing and why.

Oh good, I’m not alone. It always feels better to know you are not alone!

But, lately, I have felt that way. After 4 months of travel, where I was constantly connecting with loved ones and new friends,  I am temporarily staying in a friends 1 room efficiency studio apartment to catch back up to my life and re-clarify the next phase of the journey. I’ve been real busy doing that –Bliss101Radio is pretty much all set with some amazing guests for the year, I have vision boards all over my walls, I took care of several things that were on the back burner while I traveled, I’m getting some long awaited major dental work done, and I’m sitting still for a few months!

Sitting still has a funny way of bringing everything right to you though. And for me right now, the biggest thing it brings for me is a sense of isolation. In November I was actually looking forward to some solitude and alone time. Now, I am tired of it.

Isolation is something that a good majority of people struggle with in these times. With all of our technological advances more people work out of their homes, one can take care of a majority of shopping needs via their computer, and all forms of entertainment that we used to go out for now are directly linked into our living rooms. With the number of working hours increasing as well, we have less time to socialize, or are to tired to do so. Combined with the underlining stress of the economic conditions and global events, laced with a total information overload that is enough to blow anyone’s mind, many people are left with a sense of unnameable despair, depression, disconnection, loneliness, and fear. This can lead to the urge to isolate and separate with the thought that it is somehow easier.

There is hope however. As Gregg Braden shares, we are moving into an exciting and transformative time, one that has been predicted and hoped for over the years. If you move away from mainstream news and start to dig deeper, one can find a plethora of amazing people doing really incredible things that support sustainability, community, and connection. People are craving it. The time is ripe. I, for one, am stepping on board. (I encourage you to find out what is happening in your area, and I will be speaking more about this in future posts)

U.S. Route 89So, life isn’t always easy. Obstacles come before us all the time. Sometimes we lose sight of the path. Sometimes the path takes us in directions we are unprepared for. Love isn’t always shouting our name from the rooftops, so we have to work harder to be, and give, love. Sometimes the journey comes to an end and we wonder where the heck are we anyhow!? Sometimes we feel so alone we want to cry out in anguish, just praying someone will hear us.

What I have learned on my journey is that, ultimately, we are never alone, love is always right around the corner, all we have to do is believe, and if we don’t believe to just reach out and someone will be there to remind us, to help us to believe once again. And that my friends, is bliss.

(Speaking of travel, I just finished a really great book by Robert Sullivan, called “Cross Country”. It’s a fascinating read that covers “fifteen years and 90,000 miles on the roads and interstates of America with Lewis and Clark, a lot of bad motels, a moving van, Emily Post, … kids, and enough coffee to kill an elephant”, and includes a great perspective on the creation of the US Highway system. I recommend it.)