The Ever Winding Road of a Bliss-full Life

September 17, 2012 by  
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Where in the world has Bliss Coach Margie been? About a year ago I wrote a post where I suggested that I might not be writing to much in the future, as I just might be to busy living and blissing out on life. Sure is funny how we can know what’s coming even when we don’t know!

Little did I know I would be re-visiting some of my gypsy life-style, as I traveled from AZ to VA, (where I now find myself in the moist and beautiful hills of Floyd County ) via Dallas, New Orleans, Tampa, and Atlanta, then onward up to W VA, and continuing onto CT and MA before winding back down to VA again. Whew. I think it is time to write that book about being a gypsy traveler and how to do so in comfort and fun, and most important frugally!

The photo above was taken at the beginning of my trip just outside of the small community of Bisbee, AZ, where I have been living for the last 12 yrs. Ahhh…. my beloved desert, wide open expansive vistas, big sky, sun and more sun, warm, dry….all the things that work so well for me. Funny how sometimes life keeps you somewhere longer than you anticipate, allowing you to fall in love with all that is around you. Boy, I sure do miss those beautiful views.

Now, as i find myself in the hills and hollers of VA, where I can see only about a 1/4 of a mile across the river to the hill on the other side, and everything is green, green, green and often it is wet, wet, wet, and the skies are gray, gray, gray. Sigh. Funny how life puts you where you least expect to be.

So, what put me on the road to begin with?? A desire for more fulfillment in my life. A yearning for intentional community. The recognition that change would be good. The need to be closer to my ailing father. A sweetheart. Funny how life helps to make it happen once you put it all out there.

The journey to a Bliss-Full life can be a long and winding road. Sometimes we get really tired and just wish we could “get there”. (I’ve been in that hotel bunches of times!) Sometimes we end up taking a side trip somewhere, and never getting back on the original ┬ároad. Sometimes we think the journey is going to end up in one place, and we end up somewhere completely different. And sometimes the road is bumpy and long, sometimes smooth and flowing. What we do with all these possibilities is really what determines the type of journey we will have. Ultimately, it’s the journey of our soul, and whether we have a burning desire to life a Bliss-full life, or not. Funny how you learn these lessons along the way.

And so, here I am. Right where I am today, settling into that which is, that which is appearing as my life right now. Recognizing it’s a journey, that life is one big road trip. Funny how life provides everything you need all along the way, all we have to do is to trust the process and recognize that every little thing that shows up in front of us is a sweet piece of the journey.

How prepared are you to hit the road with the next opportunity that comes your way? Are you in the flow of the journey that is your life?? What exciting things are just around the next bend for you? Take a moment to see where the road trip of your life is taking you. Is it where you want to be going? Is it time to take a side trip? Is it time to pull over and get some rest?

Sometimes, taking a road trip is the best thing to do, to open up the vistas in our mind, and to find a new sense of adventure. Just remember, where ever you go, there you are. So, be sure to pack a smile, a happy attitude, and a willingness to let the road show you the way. You just might be a little surprised where you end up.