The Day of the Missing Mojo

Puck - nap guruThere are some days when your Mojo cannot be found. That was my day today. So, I said, OK Mr Mojo, you can play that hide and seek game if you want, but I ain’t gonna come looking. Instead, I took a nap, did some journaling, chatted with a friend (who totally lifted my spirits), took a walk with the neighborhood happy dog, ate some soup, and guess what? Mr Mojo came back. Imagine that. Sometimes you just gotta give in to what is and not fight it.

This is “Living Your Bliss”. Not forcing things along when the flow isn’t happening. Resting. Taking a break. Giving yourself the opportunity to rejuvenate when all the messages are telling you that is what needs to happen.

This is true both on a personal level, and within relationships too. Sometimes you just have to step back, take a nap from it all, and come back in a more rested frame of mind to your lover you just had some hard words with. Then you can think more clearly, have more compassion, be more forgiving. You have to do it with yourself first. 

Live isn’t easy. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. Give yourself a break. Let up on the need to be do, do, doing all the time. When Mr Mojo goes away take it as a sign that you need to slow down. Then curl up for that nap, or call that girlfriend that will lift your spirits, or take a walk with a happy dog. Mr Mojo will come back. Guaranteed.

Life, Love and Bliss

Time FliesWell, true to the word of my last post, I haven’t been writing here to much. Have you noticed that time just seems to speeding up exponentially lately? Holy cow! I just can NOT even believe that my last post was 3 months ago, that it has been one year since my mother passed, that we are into February. All I have to say is WOW!

I recently listened to a great YouTube interview with Gregg Braden , an author who bridges science and spirituality. He had some really interesting things to say about where things are right now astrologically, within great time patterns, polar shifts, and how that all relates to the sense of time speeding up.

Oh good, I’m not crazy.

Lately I’ve been experiencing these immense, what I have been calling, energy downloads. They just drop in and all of a sudden I am a bundle of nerves and vibrating energy that I don’t know what to do with. Sometimes it manifests as anxiety, other times as total ungroundedness, and once or twice it was tinged with a bit of fear. I was freaking out trying to figure it all out-what was causing this? What did I eat? Have I been on the computer to much? Is it that new vitamin supplement? (No, I stopped taking it and it still happened! )

And then I listened to the above mentioned audio and he talks about how a lot of people are experiencing this exact same thing and why.

Oh good, I’m not alone. It always feels better to know you are not alone!

But, lately, I have felt that way. After 4 months of travel, where I was constantly connecting with loved ones and new friends,  I am temporarily staying in a friends 1 room efficiency studio apartment to catch back up to my life and re-clarify the next phase of the journey. I’ve been real busy doing that –Bliss101Radio is pretty much all set with some amazing guests for the year, I have vision boards all over my walls, I took care of several things that were on the back burner while I traveled, I’m getting some long awaited major dental work done, and I’m sitting still for a few months!

Sitting still has a funny way of bringing everything right to you though. And for me right now, the biggest thing it brings for me is a sense of isolation. In November I was actually looking forward to some solitude and alone time. Now, I am tired of it.

Isolation is something that a good majority of people struggle with in these times. With all of our technological advances more people work out of their homes, one can take care of a majority of shopping needs via their computer, and all forms of entertainment that we used to go out for now are directly linked into our living rooms. With the number of working hours increasing as well, we have less time to socialize, or are to tired to do so. Combined with the underlining stress of the economic conditions and global events, laced with a total information overload that is enough to blow anyone’s mind, many people are left with a sense of unnameable despair, depression, disconnection, loneliness, and fear. This can lead to the urge to isolate and separate with the thought that it is somehow easier.

There is hope however. As Gregg Braden shares, we are moving into an exciting and transformative time, one that has been predicted and hoped for over the years. If you move away from mainstream news and start to dig deeper, one can find a plethora of amazing people doing really incredible things that support sustainability, community, and connection. People are craving it. The time is ripe. I, for one, am stepping on board. (I encourage you to find out what is happening in your area, and I will be speaking more about this in future posts)

U.S. Route 89So, life isn’t always easy. Obstacles come before us all the time. Sometimes we lose sight of the path. Sometimes the path takes us in directions we are unprepared for. Love isn’t always shouting our name from the rooftops, so we have to work harder to be, and give, love. Sometimes the journey comes to an end and we wonder where the heck are we anyhow!? Sometimes we feel so alone we want to cry out in anguish, just praying someone will hear us.

What I have learned on my journey is that, ultimately, we are never alone, love is always right around the corner, all we have to do is believe, and if we don’t believe to just reach out and someone will be there to remind us, to help us to believe once again. And that my friends, is bliss.

(Speaking of travel, I just finished a really great book by Robert Sullivan, called “Cross Country”. It’s a fascinating read that covers “fifteen years and 90,000 miles on the roads and interstates of America with Lewis and Clark, a lot of bad motels, a moving van, Emily Post, … kids, and enough coffee to kill an elephant”, and includes a great perspective on the creation of the US Highway system. I recommend it.)

Activities For the Fall

Falltime in the parkFall is the time we begin to turn inward, to wrap ourselves in warm blankets, and hunker down to see the Winter through. But before that happens there is a refreshing period of time between the hot days of Summer, and the cold dark of Winter. The air is brisk and clean. The sun is warm and softening. There is a gentle anticipation in the air as we feel the seasons change.

This, my friends, is a perfect time to de-clutter! To look around and see what sort of “stuff” you acquired over the playful Summer time, or all that stuff that you haven’t been paying attention to for-ever.

I invite you to participate in the 30 Day Clutter Challenge, to assist you in removing the blocks, challenges, and physical stuff that gets in the way of your great life.

My specialty with de-cluttering is helping you to identify the deeper elements of what cause you to clutter in the first place. Without identifying this, you can clean up and organize, but eventually you will be right back where you started from. Frustrated, and surrounded by all that stuff.

What else would you do with your life, space, and time…..if clutter wasn’t holding you back? Join the Clutter Challenge and find out!!

The challenge will include weekly tele-conference calls, group support, 1:1 personalized coaching, tips and tricks for assisting the de-cluttering process, and a fresh new start for you!

Special early bird prices available till Oct 15th.

Thank you in advance for sharing this with any clients or friends who might be interested, or could benefit from, the Challenge.

OK, now where is that blanket?

Blissful Busyness

LooneyTunes Rainbow CirclesBusy, I’m so busy, my head is spinning, yaa, yaa, yaa, I’m so busy! (Insert soundtrack from old Tommy Roe song.) Oh yes, it is a busy time! The Summer Sizzle time, when to do what you want to, and to have the fun you want to have, you must line all your little ducks up and get everything in place.

Is it possible to experience bliss when your head is spinning from details, organizing, and planning? Well, certainly. It’s possible to experience bliss anytime, you just have to choose it!!

Seriously, how can we stay grounded when we are running in many directions, with lots to do, and many other things we want to do? I suggest these 5 elements:

1) Get organized! If you are going to go camping a lot this Summer, get all your gear together in one place. Put stuff in totes so it’s easy to load and unload from the car. Buy special camping kitchen-ware etc., so it can always stay with the camping gear and there is less you have to put together each time you head out for a trip. This allows for spontaneous trips too.

2) Coordinate calendars with other family members, and make sure you mark off time for all those fun things you want to do. If you don’t make the time, the time will pass by.

3)Prioritize. What is most important for you to complete this week? What needs to happen for you to go away without worry and stress? What’s the one, or 3, things you really want to do this Summer? Make a list with 3 columns, with the headings Have To, Want To, and Hope To. In each of those columns prioritize again.

4) Remember to take down time for yourself. Get still. Be quiet. Spend 6 hours laying in a hammock. This personal rejuvenation time is important in maintaining groundedness and calm.

5) Have fun! Even if Uncle George gets sauced at the family picnic and throws Grandma in the pool, as long as everyone stays unharmed, just laugh and enjoy what will soon be precious memories. Laughter heals just about anything. Summer is so short. Play whenever you can.

My busyness has been preparing for the “Living Your Business Bliss” Womyn’s Business Conference coming up this Friday. I am the keynote speaker, and am offering some workshop sessions. It’s the first time I have had the honor of being a keynote speaker, and I am super excited! And nervous. So, it’s time for me to go play a little and burn some of that off!

~~Play Big~~Laugh Hard~~Live Your Bliss~~!!

Light At The End Of A Dark Tunnel

Suburban SpelunkingPain. Sadness. Grief. Despair. Stress. “Uck!”, you say? I agree.

Unfortunately, that’s where I have been, to be openly honest.

Well, it’s where I was. Hence the lack of new words, in the last 2 months, on these pages.

Yet, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Actually, I am IN the light right now. Whew……sooooo good to be here.

The journey of life is not always an easy one. Try as we may, sometimes we fall down. Sometimes we can’t get back up for awhile. Sometimes we need to rely on our friends to get us through the day, or even more, the night. Sometimes we wonder if we will make it.

One thing I have learned. The universe, or God, or whatever you want to call it, never gives us more than we can handle. And when it feels like we won’t be able to handle it, it is because we need to learn how to.

The last 8 months have been one of the most challenging times in my life. A period where everything that is my life came up for question, and got turned completely inside out, when my partner made the choice to end our relationship. I’ve come to understand that it wasn’t so much the break-up, or that my partner couldn’t show up the way I hoped he would, that threw me head first and screaming into the dark tunnel. Sure, that was painful and had it’s own set of tears and grief. What had more impact though,  was what got called up with-in me, what I was forced to confront, how I chose to engage in the process, and how in the end I was the one that had to figure it all out and re-design my life. Your friends can only hold your hand for so long.

Having the opportunity to evaluate everything in your life and discern the truth of it for yourself is a wild and weird ride. However, when you wake up one morning and finally accept that things just aren’t what you thought they would be, you have to do something. While it is hard to recognize it at the time, such a cataclysmic event can be a real gift. The blessing for me has been about reconnecting to the essential elements of my souls requirements-what my soul needs to live a life of authentic bliss. Isn’t it amazing how we can lose sight of what those things are sometimes?

The re-design doesn’t happen over night. (Small manageable steps, as I tell my clients all the time!) It requires deep exploration, internal questioning, values review and lots of time for simply healing. In my journey I have given myself oodles of gentleness, self nurturing and space to just be. It’s not easy. I’m a go-getter, organizer and facilitator. To not have a clear sense of what is around the corner of my life drives me crazy sometimes.

But the truth is, do we ever know what is around the corner? If I had known that the fated relationship was going to end up as it did, would I have gone forward? And if not, then what would I have lost? Certainly the rich lessons of the journey. While they came with some heartache, ultimately, the gifts I am left with for myself are ones I am grateful to have. I do not regret the journey.

And today, well, for today I am just darn happy that I made it through that tunnel! And, I’m here to tell you, if you happen to be finding yourself in some dark tunnel with no light in sight, that you will too. I just know it.

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