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There are many types of clutter from simple paper clutter that exists in your office, to a clutter that spreads through out your environment and takes over, to the deepest levels of hoarding. Each of these are manifest in different reasoning’s and require different responses. Clutter is rarely about ‘the stuff”. It is mostly about our relationship to the stuff and what our story is about it, or why we have it. As a reformed clutter queen (and someone who was not organized at all !), I understand your frustration, embarrassment and desire for a change. I offer a tough love approach that is loaded with empathy yet encourages you to get beyond “the stuff” and to stay beyond it. Let’s get you started today.

Starter package  $250

includes consult, intro seminar, and strategy plan

3 month “We’re Clearing It Out”  $1,200

 includes weekly sessions, unlimited email contact, and

gobs of resources to support your journey.

Recommended for the “light” clutterer.

6 month “Let’s Move This Mountain” $2,150

includes weekly sessions, unlimited email contact, plenty of resources,

and a free copy of a very special book.

Recommended for the “It’s taking over my life” clutterer.

1 year “Deep Commitment to Changing My Life” $5000

includes weekly sessions, unlimited email contact, mega resources, a free copy of a very special book,

a 6 month home visit and 1 yr custom celebration party.

Recommended for the long term clutterer, with deep challenges,

and a strong commitment to change.