The 30 Day Clutter Challenge

The 30 Day Clutter Challenge

April 1st -April 29th, 2013

“Freeing Ourselves from All That Stuff!”

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Weekly tele-meetings

Monday evenings 7PM EST

A 30 day, group support, de-clutter challenge, guided by Coach Margie, to assist you in removing the blocks, challenges, and physical stuff that gets in the way of your great life.

Clutter effects self esteem, physical health, stress levels, relationships, emotional well being, mental health, safety, time factors, and financial pictures.

What would you do with your life, space, and time

……….if clutter wasn’t holding you back?

In the Clutter Challenge you will:

  • identify your real clutter problem and design a plan to release it
  • learn simple tricks and tips for reducing clutter
  • explore the deeper elements that cause clutter patterns to emerge
  • identify the connection of clutter to weight problems, relationship challenges, and emotional baggage
  • get group support and 1:1 coaching for your insured success

The basic format of the challenge is that we will meet 1X week as a group for 1hr. Each participant will get unlimited email correspondence through out the challenge, and a 40 minute 1:1 private coaching session. There will be written material, plentiful resources, and an opportunity for you to break free from debilitating clutter. In the group setting we learn from one another, realize we are not alone, and get on going support from our new friends.

$129 per person

$235 per couple

$99/$220 early bird

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Now is the time to clean up your life……just in time for the momentum of Spring renewal, rebirth, and cleansing!!

If you:

  • often can’t find what you are looking for
  • are embarrassed to have people over
  • can’t see the dining-room table
  • are unable to throw anything away
  • have problems organizing tasks or activities
  • miss debt payment deadlines because you lost the bill
  • often feel overwhelmed, confined, anxious and stressed out
  • compulsively hoard because “you might need it someday”
  • hold onto relationships that aren’t good for you
……then you might have a clutter issue. You have to decide this for yourself. If how you are living isn’t working for you and you want a change, or if you just have a few “clutter issues” – this is the challenge for you. Go ahead, take a leap, and change your life today!
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You too can have this!! Join the Clutter Challenge and get moving towards it.