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To truly live your one great life, a life that inspires and juices you up and takes you down the path of blissful happiness, you must let go of old patterns and behaviors, and integrate new choices that support the life design you want. You have to be open to new ideas or ways of doing things, learn them and practice lots to make a natural part of your life.

Practice helps you acquire new skills, develop strategies for “making the goal” and improve upon your strengths. The more you practice, the better you get. Forget to practice, or become lazy and indifferent , and the results will tell the tale.

Workshops, tele-seminars, group coaching, retreats, and 1:1 coaching are all ways you can engage in the practice of your Big Game-Your Life!!

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Getting Your Bliss-ology On!

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Intro to the 30 Day Clutter Challenge

Free tele-class

30 Day Clutter Challenge

Freeing Ourselves from All that Stuff!

Laughter Yoga

Bliss101 Radio!

Bliss101 Radio Bliss101Radio is your 1 stop, ½ hour spot for all things Bliss! Juice up your life, follow your dreams, bliss-o-fy your relationships, de-clutter the mess, and Get Your Bliss-ology On!! This is your learning and growing place to do just that. Using interviews with every day people who are un-apologetically living their joy and bliss, along with a few noted experts, we will discover their secrets and learn to integrate them into our own lives. In addition we will share resources, concepts, ideas, and new paradigms in a variety of formats. Anything having to do with bliss-full living will be covered including health, relationships, career, sexuality, activism, sustainability, spirituality, emotional well being, abundance and prosperity, and whatever else comes up! Come join us on most 1st and 3rd Friday’s of each month, at 10AM AZ time. Expect lively conversations, plenty of ideas, and many resources. ~ The full 2012 theme schedule is available here. Visit Bliss101Radio here, or click the Listen to Bliss101Radio button on the right.