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Bliss101Radio is your 1 stop, ½ hour spot for all things Bliss! Juice up your life, follow your dreams, bliss-o-fy your relationships, de-clutter the mess, and Get Your Bliss-ology On!! This is your learning and growing place to do just that.

2012 is going to bring an exciting line-up of guests, with special monthly focus’s on some of the above topics…ya know, those priority areas we all want more bliss-fullness in.

Using interviews with every day people who are un-apologetically living their joy and bliss, along with a few noted experts, we will discover their secrets and learn to integrate them into our own lives. In addition we will share resources, concepts, ideas, and new paradigms in a variety of formats. Anything having to do with bliss-full living will be covered including health, relationships, career, sexuality, activism, sustainability, spirituality, emotional well being, abundance and prosperity, and whatever else comes up!

Come join us on most 1st and 3rd Fridays, at 10AM AZ time. Expect lively conversations, plenty of ideas, and many resources.

All shows are archived and can be listened to here. 

The 2012 schedule is as follows:

Jan/Feb: ~ Fun/Play ~ Without a little fun and play in our lives, we risk becoming very unhappy people. Everyone deserves it, and it’s essential if you are going to “Get Your Bliss-ology On”! What does it look like, how do we do it, and can we without guilt (or fear of looking “silly”)?

Jan 20th Melodee Stumpf-self proclaimed Joy-ologist

Melodee Stumpf has received the honorable title of having the most listens ever on Bliss101Radio!!! That’s because she is a fabulous bundle of incredible energy, joy, and she knows how to get her Bliss on! Her friends know it, her clients know it, and they listen to her with eager ears.

She is also a healing arts therapist, expressive movement facilitator, a midwife for the end of life as a hospice volunteer, and an aspiring, inspiring, self proclaimed joyologist! She’s a teacher, mentor, mover and a shaker, and believes bliss happens when you take that path less traveled and choose to color outside of the lines when navigating your life’s path.Choosing to live in presence, with passion and on purpose, she lives joy by creating opportunities to express and explore the everyday bounty of life’s gifts, beauty and bliss.

Melodee, a respected pioneer and practitioner in her profession; began her journey as a licensed massage therapist in 1985. She founded, owned and operated Body Oasis Integrative Healing arts for well being in Milwaukee Wisconsin, before embracing a dream to move to the southwest in 2008 to re-inspire, re-create and re-build her practice while unfolding in new beginnings. She is currently growing Body Oasis Healing Arts and cultivating joy in Tucson, Arizona .

We’re happy to bring Melodee back to the airwaves at Bliss101Radio again, as she launches her newest project Souljoy~ the sacred art of divine,intentional play.

Feb 3rd John Linn-Playing Music is FUN! 

Our 2nd guest in the Fun and Play theme is the main man of The John Linn Band, and for him music is fun and play! Since 2005, this powerhouse country/Southern rock band has been busy opening up for such greats as Willie Nelson, Toby Keith, Reba MacIntyre, and the Charlie Daniels Band. This high energy band also has a deep involvement in charity organizations such as The Boys & Girls Club, The Coachella Valley Rescue Mission and The American Cancer Society and does charity fundraisers when asked.

The John Linn Band is environmentally conscious, and is converting their Eagle tour bus to bio-diesel and installing the refining equipment right on board to manufacture fuel on the bus. The bus will also be equipped with solar power to run the everything on board. The JLB will then embark on an exciting tour of colleges and high schools to spread awareness about alternative fuels and power sources.

John Linn also builds custom guitars. Linn Guitars has been on the market since 1996 and has been a favorite of many pros like Bret Michaels, Kenny Wayne Sheperd, Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson), Zack Wilde and others. Linn Guitars has also been a big contributor to charity events, raising more than $85,000 in the last five years. This guy knows that one of the keys to happiness is helping others and bringing joy to their lives!

When he is not playing music or making guitars John travels the Southwest, helping others with affordable roof work when needed as the owner of his own roofing company for 25 years.

A father of two children, John is also in the pursuit of discovering and unlocking the keys to a successful relationship by studying Imago therapy and other types of proven theories. He has started writing a book about his experiences. “Stuff by John” which should be completed by early 2013.

Feb 17th Celeste Green – Child-Like Play & Wonder

Celeste Greene is the founder and director of Laughter Yoga Atlanta. Before discovering unconditional laughter and training as a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher, Celeste entertained Atlanta audiences in weekly improvisational comedy shows at Whole World Theatre. When she was not performing on stage, Celeste guided children and teens in honing their own crafts. Celeste has learned that we can all tap into the same sense of childlike play and wonder that she observed and cultivated in children, unconditionally and with ease. And this girl knows how to live in the laughter! We trained together as Laughter Yoga Leaders and I can tell you without a doubt that Celeste knows how to have fun and is a major model for “Getting Your Bliss-ology On! I can guarantee this will be one laughter packed conversation!

March/April: ~ Spirituality ~ After we give ourselves some time for fun and play, we can settle down, get quiet, and allow for the small voices within to be heard, and connect to our oneness with all, or God, or Higher Power, or whatever you name it. Having spiritual connection helps us to tap into our deepest knowing, where the truth of our lives live, the ultimate key to discovering our Bliss.

March 2nd Christopher “Divinity” Dines -“The Mystery of Belief-How to Manifest Your Dreams” 
Christopher Francis Dines, (born August 19th, 1983) is a man that knows how to manifest his dreams and live life on his terms! Currently an English life coach and author, Dine’s started his career, while in his teens, as a popular and sought after house DJ at high profile clubs. He traveled the world extensively in this capacity, particularly in Asia: China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Koh Samui.

Recognizing the need to make some changes in his personal life, Dines left the dance music industry in 2006 to become a life coach, although in 2009 he made a return to the studio and produced “Spacial Majesty” on Athena Digital. In 2007 Afro Medusa licensed Dines single, “Addicted” to Decadent Records.

Dines is the author of “A Ticket to Prosperity” which is based on spiritual success principles and has been endorsed by Richard Cole (former tour manager for Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, The Who and Ozzy Osbourne), Daniel C. DiCriscio, Michael J McEvoy, Eddie Gordon, Michael Cogdill, Jon Mack and Danny Rampling. Daniel C. DiCriscio was quoted: “Christopher Dines brings a new energy that can elevate oneself to places one thought was unattainable.”

Dines new book “The Mystery of Belief: How to Manifest Your Dreams”, which we will be discussing during his appearance on Bliss101Radio, promises to be another gem and is due to be released March 1st 2012.
We’re excited to bring this well accomplished, successful, and dynamic personality to Bliss101Radio during our Spirituality theme segment of Bliss101Radio 2012!

For more information about Christopher, visit him at

March 16th Tara Mohr -Amplifying Woman’s Voices

Tara Sophia Mohr is a personal growth teacher and an expert on women’s leadership and well being. Her work focuses on helping individuals create more authentic, fulfilled lives, as well as helping women play bigger in their work and in their lives.

With an MBA from Stanford University and her undergraduate degree in English literature from Yale, Tara takes a unique approach that blends inner work with practical skills training, and weaves together both intellectual rigor and intuitive wisdom.

Tara has a deep commitment to amplifying women’s voices. She is the creator of the global Playing Big leadership program for women and the co-creator of two anthologies of contemporary women’s writings, The Women’s Seder Sourcebook and The Women’s Passover Companion.

Her “10 Rules for Brilliant Women” have struck a chord with tens of thousands of women around the world. In 2010, Tara was honored as a Girl Champion by the Girl Effect organization, which supports girls’ education in the developing world.

Tara is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and has been featured on the Today Show,,, USA Today, the International Business Times, Ode Magazine, Forbes, and numerous other media outlets. She is also a poet, and the author of Your Other Names and The Real Life: Poems for Wise Living. Visit to learn more.

April 6th Michelle Apple Larson-The Bliss Sisters (more info soon) update: this show was rescheded and will be coming in the future

Michelle Larson travels the world seeking enlightenment from a tapestry of inspiring shamans, mystics, teachers and other extraordinary characters who have shared their path to peace. She founded Bliss Sisters, a women’s group where she shares her magic toolbox for living a life free from fear, shame, regrets, expectations, judgment and limitations. She leads the ladies in meditation, manifestation and meaningful connection to themselves and each other. Michelle is a best selling co-author of the recently released book, “Unbreakable Spirit” with Lisa Nichols, and has a forthcoming book called “Bliss Bound – My Journey to Perfect Happiness.” Follow her Daily Bliss Tips on the Bliss Sisters Facebook page and read her blog filled with stories of her wanderings at


April 20th Steve Bhaerman/Swami Beyondananda-Spirituality and Laughter 

Steve Bhaerman is an internationally known author, humorist, and workshop leader. For the past 25 years, he has written and performed as Swami Beyondananda, the “Cosmic Comic.” Swami’s comedy has been described both as “comedy disguised as wisdom” and “wisdom disguised as comedy.” Noted author Marianne Williamson has called him “The Mark Twain of our generation.”

In his “past life” (before Swami), Steve started an alternative high school in Washington, D.C. and co-authored a book about his experiences, No Particular Place to Go: Making of a Free High School (Simon & Schuster, 1972). In 1980, Steve co-founded Pathways Magazine in Ann Arbor, Michigan, one of the first publications bringing together holistic health, personal growth, spirituality, and politics.

Since 2005, Steve has written a political blog with a spiritual perspective, Notes From the Trail. His latest book, written with cellular biologist Bruce H. Lipton, PhD is Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here (Hay House, 2009). Steve is active in transpartisan politics and the practical application of Spontaneous Evolution. He can be found online at

May/June: ~ Relationships ~ Everything in our life is tied to some kind of relationship, and they can either support our bliss or totally sabotage it. Do your relationships energize or drain? Are they fulfilling or boring? Evaluating our relationships, and what we attract into our lives, is an excellent way to bring the Bliss on!

May 4th- Edi Weinstein-Transforming the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary

Edie Weinstein is a work in progress, like everyone else on the planet; the artist of her own design and the mistress of her own bliss. She is a career journalist with 23 years experience interviewing some of the most amazing movers and shakers on the planet, including Ben & Jerry,Shirley MacLaine, Ram Dass, Michael Beckwith, Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, Dan Millman, Wayne Dyer, Elizabeth Lesser, Arielle Ford, Debbie Ford, SARK, Bernie Siegel and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

In addition, she is an interfaith minister, dynamic motivational speaker,opti-mystic, (seeing the world through the eyes of possibility), social worker and PR Goddess. She is the author of The Bliss Mistress Guide To Transforming the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary. All you have to do is take one look at the photo of her peeking behind the tree with her fairy wings on, and you can just tell that Edi has some secrets for manifesting bliss up her sleeve!

May 18th-Tonya and Justin Recla-Power Partners in Business and Life

For the 2nd show in our Bliss-full Relationships segment, we’re excited to bring Tonya Dawn and Justin Recla. These two are POWER partners, in life and in business. From marriage to business to parenthood they continually redefine the concept of POWER within the context of partnership.

With over 18 years of combined experience in military and government counterintelligence and over 20 years of combined training experience, they operate TJ Recla, a training entity that “Translates Valuable Information into Business Success” and promote Tonya’s books and training. Tonya’s motto, “Changing the World by Redefining POWER,” also defines their relationship.

“People ask us all the time how we work together and stay married. The secret is we don’t define our roles,” Tonya explains. “We operate in a constant state of flux regarding POWER and gender roles. Some situations require my method of directing and some require his. We just step back and allow the process to work without trying to control it.”

Justin adds, “We have to be okay with playing a supporting role when necessary. I’ve really had to learn that sometimes she carries the masculine energy better than I would in a situation. That was a tough one for my ego.”

But in the end, the value and importance of their relationship overrides any preconceived notions of gender roles. And it seems to working. Whether they’re nurturing their entrepreneurial ventures or their two year-old, they do it together…and they do it well.

Find TJ Recla’s latest eBook W.A.R.: The Ultimate Guide to Personal Power and Safety at or on Amazon

June 1st Cindie Wilding-An Incurable Romantic

Cindie Wilding is a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant.  She believes in the value of celebrating all life passages, whether it is a baby’s birth, a new home, a wedding, divorce, croning, or death.  All these important life events are made all the more meaningful and connect us to ourselves and others when a ceremony is created just for the participants.

Cindie was trained as a life coach through Coach U and does pre-marital coaching with wedding couples, setting the stage for a healthy strong foundation to the marriage.  She is a certified Laughter Yoga Leader, a Certified Seasons of Change Facilitator and a Certified Retreat Coach, leading retreats just for women.  An incurable romantic, she loves getting to know couples and performing weddings and is available to meet with couples for weddings in the greater Sacramento, CA/Lake Tahoe area.

June 15th Helene and Dave VanManen-Cultivating a Green Marriage

Helene and Dave Van Manen found each other as teenagers and have counted their years together by “Colorado Winters” now numbering 36.

They worked together for 20+ years as clinical music therapists, performing musicians, recording artists, songwriters & storytellers, and workshop presenters  and they now work both together and independently in the non-profit world.

( Dave is the director of the Mountain Park Environmental Center in Beulah, Colorado and Helene is a Master Certified Coach and Founder of – the premier training company for professional retreat leaders.)

The Van Manens are dedicated to being a “ Green Couple” and bask in the bliss of being parents and grandparents.  They are recognized for their work as activists in the fields of  environmental, alternative education and healthy childbirth practices.

Links: dave

Helene  and

July/August: ~ Health ~ Without our health, well, life just stinks! Diet, exercise, emotional well being, perspective,’s all part of it. How do we learn new patterns of a healthy, and happy, life?? What will it take for us to make the commitment and give ourselves biggest gift we can to ourselves?

July 6th Mary and Keith Carlson-Thriving and Shining in Health

Mary Rives and Keith Carlson are coaches, entrepreneurs, and Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders.

With a previous career as a social worker with the poorest of the poor, Mary understands the many struggles that so many people experience in their daily lives. Now, as a coach and a laughter professional, she loves to bring others along on her life’s journey of creating fun, excitement, prosperity and abundance on every level. Mary loves to lead workshops and seminars focused on play, fun and optimal living. Her website is

Keith wears various professional hats, including Registered Nurse, coach, Laughter Yoga Leader, well-known nurse blogger, and professional freelance writer. He currently writes for his own blog as well as several websites and magazines, but one of his main passions is coaching nurses towards optimal health, self care, burnout prevention, and work-life balance. Along with Mary, he loves to bring the many benefits of laughter and Laughter Yoga to community groups and organizations.

His coaching website can be found at

July 20th- Rochelle Schieck more info soon (this episode has been pre-recorded and there has been some difficulty in getting it to upload so that it may be listened to. Ahh, to love our technology…we’re working on getting it to you!)

Syndee Earthheart-Healing Happens Here-yup, more info soon!

(Update 9/17 Bliss101Radio has decided to go on sabbatical for a couple months while Coach Margie gets landed and settled (and knows there will be consistent internet access!), after much traveling around the last 6 months. we’ll be looking to fill in the following topics at that time, or who knows? We might completely revamp the whole thing and bring something blissfully new to the airwaves! :) Stay posted by following us on Facebook  or Twitter. In the meantime, enjoy shows already produced this yr, and last year, by clinking on the links above, or going to the BlogTalkRadio homepage. Thanks for listening!)

Sept/Oct: ~ Career/Right Livelihood ~ Do you love what you do, or are you roboting along just to survive? At Bliss101Radio we want you to THRIVE!!!

Nov/Dec: ~ Living ~ As in being ALIVE, exploring the environments you live in, clearing the clutter away, and connecting to the natural world around you, as well as discovering what is most alive in your heart. Truly “Living Your Bliss” is the goal here.

Know any awesome potential guests for Bliss101Radio??Contact us and let  us know.

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