Juicy, Joyful Relationships

Relationship Coaching for those seeking to bring the juice and joy back into their relationships, and new couples wishing to “do it differently this time”.

Connection…intimacy….JOY…smiles…..appreciation….mutual respect….. spontaneity….TRUST….fun….happiness……pleasure….integrity….playfullness…contentment…………PEACE….satisfaction…..healthy communication……affection…..

Do these exist in your intimate relationships?

Would you like them to?

Eskimo Kiss

All of us come from a background and history of some kind of wounded-ness. Where we were hurt, and have closed up various parts of our heart, and become resistant to allowing authentic love and intimacy into our lives.

This doesn’t mean we don’t honestly love the people we are with. But it might mean that we are engaging in patterns and behaviors that keep us separate from love and intimacy, rather than deeply connected to it, as we ultimately desire. Or, it might mean that when love comes along we engage in ways that make the same things happen over and over, giving us the same results, which in turn causes us to close down even more. (We do this within long term relationships as well.)

What if you learned a new way? What if you were able to change the patterns that set you up for failure? What if you were able to see them clearly and begin to change them? What then would your relationships be like??

If you are sighing with a yearning heart as you read this, and saying “I want that!” then Juicy, Joyful Relationship Coaching is for you! If you are committed, in love, not ready to give up all you have invested, and are willing to look deep within, you are in the right place. If you are just starting a relationship, and want to recognize the traps before you fall into them, then it’s time to make a choice.

Juicy, Joyful Relationship Coaching will:

  • help retrain your brain to think in ways that support intimacy, not push it away
  • transform critique to compassion
  • increase connection and decrease separation strategies
  • improve your appreciation vibration
  • shut down the blame game
  • encourage the development of your self responsibility muscle
  • learn new communication techniques that allow honesty, transparency and personal integrity
  • increase passion and sexual intimacy

Make the commitment today to transform your relationship and step into the bliss of healthy, happy intimacy. All you need is a desire to have a relationship that feels good all the time, and that is based in deep connection with one another. Add to that intention to do what it takes for that to happen, and you are on the way to a juicy, joyful relationship!

Relationship Coaching Packages:

3 month starter 

$450/mo (meet 4x/month for 60 min, unlimited email support, 2/10 min laser calls)

6 month deep commitment

$400/mo (same as above, plus free copy of “Conscious Loving-The Journey to Co-Commitment)

1 year Sustainable 4-ever 

$350/mo  (same as above,  plus a special 1/2 day personalized, custom relationship visioning retreat )

Weekend Intensive

$2,500  (3 days/5 hrs a day of deep exploration, visioning, and clearing in the comfort of your own home. This will bring amazing clarity, solidify commitment, enhance connection, and allow for the uncovering of deeper patterns and communication challenges.)

“If you want your relationships to change, you have to change the things in your relationship.”

Do it today. Relationships are the foundation of our life. Committing to the building of a strong and healthy foundation will only bring you joy and happiness, enlivening the bliss, and increasing the juiciness. Why wouldn’t you want to do it??

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