Love is Bliss

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Valentines Day was the other day. Did you notice?

Hard not too if you’ve walked into any store within the last month or so. Or peeked in on Facebook yesterday, as every friend was making some kind of post about it, for or against. (Most are for the whole love thing, thank goodness, just not the commercial element of it!)

The night before I had a conversation with a friend and said “wouldn’t it be awesome if people treated every day as if it were Valentine’s Day? Bringing each other chocolates and flowers and writing little love notes to show appreciation and affection to those special people in our lives?” I don’t know about you, but I much prefer to get special treats for no reason, and to be surprised by a spontaneous expression of love rather than one inspired by a Hallmark holiday.

Appreciation is a good place to start. Do you make it a regular practice to let people not only know that you appreciate them, but why? Do you hear yourself saying things like “I really appreciate the way you listen when I’m talking without interrupting, because it helps me know that you really are interested in what I have to say”, or “I appreciate the way you contribute to our group with your grounded-ness and wisdom, as it really helps us stay focused”. These little expressions show others how we value them and it sets the tone for intimacy and love to deepen.

Other ways to show appreciation are through actions……by keeping commitments with our loved ones, by being honest and acting from a place of integrity. I cooked a wonderfully simple yet delicious meal for a friend last night, which for me is a metaphor for nurturing and says I value this relationship and so nurture our relationship by nurturing you. Get creative. How can you discover new ways to show appreciation and gratitude for the people in your life that are special?

Love calls upon us to open our hearts, to be love and give love in order for love to come back to us. While it may sound narcissistic, the ability to manifest love in our lives comes from a foundation of loving ourselves. Before we are able to truly appreciate others we must be able to appreciate the incredibleness with in ourselves, and to value ourselves, right now, right here, as we are. Before we can embrace love coming towards us, we must be able to love ourselves enough to be able to send love out, unconditionally, compassionately, and with trust. Andy Dooley, a very cool dude who I have been following lately, really nails this idea in this funny and wonderful video. 

While many of us know that we might need to do things differently in our relationships, it’s not always easy to integrate this awareness into our every day lives. Sometimes it is just a matter of re-training ourselves while committing to creating positive change and transformation. They say the longest journey is from the head to the heart. Why not bring along a guide who can support you in bringing light to the dark places, who is skilled in recognizing the blocks that keep you from intimacy and connection, who has the awareness of new ways of doing things, and can train you to make that shift??

I invite you to consider the idea of hiring a skilled relationship Coach to help you on your way. You can check out my offerings here .

My heart is full with the wonder and gratitude of all the love in my life, and the many opportunities placed before me to engage in ways that serve love, to guide and support others on their path towards deeper intimacy, and to bring an alive juiciness into the world around me. Yaa love, it really is the answer to most any question.  :)


Laughing Bliss

Happy SundayThis summer I became Certified as a Laughter Yoga Leader. Ha Ha Ho Ho HO! Oh my gosh, this is some fun stuff!!

We all have heard the saying “Laughter is the Best Medicine”. Well, as it turns out, there is a lot of truth to this. Laughter supports our immune systems, is great for our physical bodies, improves our mental/emotional frame, and even benefits our social situations. The benefits are way to many to not consider using laughter as a primary health and wellness tool.

Besides, it feels good and it’s fun!! Isn’t that a good enough reason?

Here are some interesting factoids:

  • The International Congress of humor found that laughter is down 66 – 82% worldwide of what it was in the 1950’s.

    In the 1950’s people laughed on the average 18 minutes a day. Today, we are lucky if we average between 4-6 minutes a day.

  • Children tend to laugh an average of 400 times a day. For adults however, it is a totally different story. A recent laughter study shows that: 64 % of people smile less than 20 times a day at home 72 % smile less than 20 times a day at work

  • 13 muscles are used to smile, but 47 are required for frowning. You have to smile nearly a quarter of a million times to make 1 wrinkle.

  • In terms of exercise, you can get the same benefits from laughing 100 times a day, as you can from 10 minutes of rowing.

  • 15 minutes of laughter equals the benefit of 2 hours sleep.

  • One good belly laugh burns off 3 1/2 calories.

  • Laughing for 15 seconds adds 2 days to your life span.

  • Research shows that only 30% of longevity is genetic. Therefor 70% you control with your mind on how you think, with your body on how you keep yourself in shape, and the lifestyle you choose to live.

So, why not choose to laugh? With all these benefits, it’s a giant step that we can take to bring more bliss into our lives. Laughing teaches us to look at the brighter side, to entertain a different perspective, and to not take ourselves so seriously. When we bring laughter more consciously into our lives, we attract other happy people into it, and our relationships are meaningful, joyful, and much more fun, and we make the choice to live a life of gaiety.  How fun is that?

Here is a list of many benefits of laughter:

Physical Health Benefits:

  • Boosts immunity
  • Lowers stress hormones
  • Decreases pain
  • Relaxes your muscles
  • Prevents heart disease

Mental Health Benefits:

  • Adds joy and zest to life
  • Eases anxiety and fear
  • Relieves stress
  • Improves mood
  • Enhances resilience

Social Benefits:

  • Strengthens relationships
  • Attracts others to us
  • Enhances teamwork
  • Helps defuse conflict
  • Promotes group bonding

I recently created a 4 minute laughing video to inspire others to begin laughing today. Feel free to use it as much as needed to get you in the practice of laughing fully and heartily. Then watch how things begin to change in your life as you invite laughter in, on the path towards living your bliss. Share it with your friends too! :)

Owning Bliss

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Lil Bug- Best viewed largeI recently got an email from a womyn, who happens to be named Bliss. She was upset that I was using her name within the context of “trite self help seminars”.  This got me thinking about the ownership of things like our names, and ideas, and concepts. Actually, my first reaction was …”geez, you’re complaining because I am using your name in a good way?”

I have to admit, I wasn’t very P.C. with my response. I suggested that perhaps she would want to honor her namesake, vs complaining about others who are perusing their own bliss and helping others to do the same. Well, as they say, you can’t please everyone. The important thing is not allowing ourselves to get pulled down by the naysayers, or to doubt the good of what we do. However, I felt sad that rather than seeing the good of my work, she saw it as a personal insult of some kind.

But, back to the ownership idea. Just because we are given a name, do we own it, or what it means? Do we have a right to say how others interpret it, or use it? When we share an idea with the world, is it still ours, or does it become part of the collective mind soup?

Bliss is identified in most dictionaries as a noun. That means it can be either a person, place, or a thing. I’m thinking the Bliss I refer to is a “thing”, as it is a way of being, a lifestyle, something we choose to do or not to do. It can become a part of us, as a person, but it is not our personhood, so to speak.

Bliss is also described as :

1. Supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment: wedded bliss.

2. Theology . the joy of heaven.

3. Heaven; paradise: the road to eternal bliss.

4. Archaic . a cause of great joy or happiness

These don’t seem to be anything that anyone can lay claim too, with regards to suggesting that no-one else can pursue it, help others to find it, or have it themselves. Quite the opposite is true, actually. You can claim it for yourself and your life,  and in fact, I would highly encourage you to do so!

So, here’s the bottom line. Bliss is for everyone. It belongs to all of us. It’s available to all beings, whether we are given Bliss as a namesake or not. All you have to do is choose Bliss, and you can have it too. And, if you happen to have the good fortune of being able to support others in bringing on their bliss, well, that’s an added bonus! :) So, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Bliss cannot be privatized, corporatized, gentrified, homogenized, or pirated. If you want it, claim it. For yourself. For your life. However you want to express it.  Just remember, everyone gets to claim some for themselves as well.  So, go ahead, buzz around in your own Bliss!

Have you listened to Bliss101Radio on BlogtalkRadio yet? Today I interviewed Gretchen Baer, a womyn whose primary goal in life is sharing creativity and joy with others, being a Bliss Prankster, and celebrating the great festival of life. Check out the show here.

What Is Bliss?

Happy Fruit GrassBliss is a choice

Bliss is a way of being

Bliss comes from the inside out

It cannot be gotten anywhere

No one gives you bliss

You choose to let it enter your life

Bliss comes from following your inner truth

From knowing who you are

What you want

How to ask for it

Bliss doesn’t sit in the victim chair

It reminds you that everything happens for a reason

and helps you to learn the lessons

Bliss says no to drama

Yes to problem solving

Yes to listening

Yes to compassion

Bliss allows you to see the beauty

in the midst of chaos

Bliss opens your mind and heart

Bliss says Yes I can!

Bliss puts a smile on your face

& a rightness in your step

Bliss seeks peacefulness and resolution

It is loving and kind

Bliss makes your life garden grow

Providing a bountiful harvest for your enjoyment

Bliss brings you closer to God

Whatever God is to you

Bliss opens doors

Carries your burdens

Holds the space

and provides a strong foundation to your life.

Bliss is not selfish.

But it is self serving.

It has you unapologetically giving the world your wonderful, amazing and unique gifts

Bliss isn’t about what you do, it’s about who you are.

Happy Face

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Blissful Chaos

The Old Tree

Life is






a dancing microcosm

of expanding universal



So much to worry about.

So much to stress about.

So much to feel anxious about.


So much beauty, so much possibility, so much love.


Can you sustain your bliss in the midst of it all?

Can you find beauty among the chaos?

Can you dance in the rain and manifest the rainbow?


Bliss is a state of mind. It does not come to us through situations, people, or things. We harvest bliss within ourselves. This is our work. To realize heaven is right here on Earth, right now.


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