The Day of the Missing Mojo

Puck - nap guruThere are some days when your Mojo cannot be found. That was my day today. So, I said, OK Mr Mojo, you can play that hide and seek game if you want, but I ain’t gonna come looking. Instead, I took a nap, did some journaling, chatted with a friend (who totally lifted my spirits), took a walk with the neighborhood happy dog, ate some soup, and guess what? Mr Mojo came back. Imagine that. Sometimes you just gotta give in to what is and not fight it.

This is “Living Your Bliss”. Not forcing things along when the flow isn’t happening. Resting. Taking a break. Giving yourself the opportunity to rejuvenate when all the messages are telling you that is what needs to happen.

This is true both on a personal level, and within relationships too. Sometimes you just have to step back, take a nap from it all, and come back in a more rested frame of mind to your lover you just had some hard words with. Then you can think more clearly, have more compassion, be more forgiving. You have to do it with yourself first. 

Live isn’t easy. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. Give yourself a break. Let up on the need to be do, do, doing all the time. When Mr Mojo goes away take it as a sign that you need to slow down. Then curl up for that nap, or call that girlfriend that will lift your spirits, or take a walk with a happy dog. Mr Mojo will come back. Guaranteed.

The Bliss of “Heartstorming”

heart in handRecently, in a lovely conversation with a great friend, he spontaneously plopped out of his mouth the word “heartstorming”. It landed between us with this delicious sense of possibility. We agreed we had never heard anyone use this word before and imagined the possibilities of it. For us, it meant the joining together of hearts to create a storm of fabulous potential using that shared energy to design dreams, manifest desires, create community, and build support. Just saying the word seemed to create a great hush that was comforting and exciting at the same time.

Our hearts are magnificent and alive , pulsating with passion and purpose, constantly tugged by the ebb and flow of emotion, and seemingly with a mind of their own. ‎”The heart knows it’s reasons, which reasons knows not of”  says Blaise Pascal. Ahhh, isn’t this so true? How often does our heart lead us in a direction we were not intending on going in, yet go anyhow, only to discover great gifts of abundance and deliciousness on the journey?

A hotbed of emotion our hearts can be considered a conduit to our soul…it is what helps us to understand all our mixed up feelings, to conceptualize them, and to discover what course of action we need to take. Yet, the heart is the leader, more often than not. What if we harnessed all that amazing power, and worked with others to, rather than brainstorm, to heartstorm!! If we imagine that our hearts have an intelligence of their own, then it is possibly to conceive that heartstorming may indeed offer a whole new way of looking at things, that could potentially change the very world we live in.

As it turns out, a simple Google search revealed that there is indeed, already, a philosophy of Heartstorming, developed by a Father Paul Keenan. He has a book about it , where he suggests that heartstorming “helps unlock the healing potential of our emotions.” His 3 part process includes “the heart’s reaction to an experience, the mind’s reflection on the reaction, and the soul’s synthesis of the experience, resulting in a new sense of purposefulness” that he believes is a “path to lasting inner peace and fulfillment”.

When the word plopped out of my friends mouth, we were indeed heartstorming as were sharing our reflections on an experience we were having together, and it allowed us to come into a synthesis of it all. My sense is that heartstorming is all this and so much more. I like the imagery of a great big storm-you know, the kind we welcome and look forward to, such as the ones on a hot summer day-building up as we join our hearts together in a great shared synthesis of explosive power that unlocks the healing potential of our lives, not just our emotions. They say the longest journey is from the head to the heart. Maybe, just maybe, if we stopped doing so much brainstorming, and began to heartstorm more together, that journey would become shorter.

Eskimo Kiss

How are you and your partner heartstorming together?? If you are ready to explore new ways of being together that serve the manifestation of perfect yummyness as a couple, check out my new offerings specifically for couples.


Love is Bliss

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Valentines Day was the other day. Did you notice?

Hard not too if you’ve walked into any store within the last month or so. Or peeked in on Facebook yesterday, as every friend was making some kind of post about it, for or against. (Most are for the whole love thing, thank goodness, just not the commercial element of it!)

The night before I had a conversation with a friend and said “wouldn’t it be awesome if people treated every day as if it were Valentine’s Day? Bringing each other chocolates and flowers and writing little love notes to show appreciation and affection to those special people in our lives?” I don’t know about you, but I much prefer to get special treats for no reason, and to be surprised by a spontaneous expression of love rather than one inspired by a Hallmark holiday.

Appreciation is a good place to start. Do you make it a regular practice to let people not only know that you appreciate them, but why? Do you hear yourself saying things like “I really appreciate the way you listen when I’m talking without interrupting, because it helps me know that you really are interested in what I have to say”, or “I appreciate the way you contribute to our group with your grounded-ness and wisdom, as it really helps us stay focused”. These little expressions show others how we value them and it sets the tone for intimacy and love to deepen.

Other ways to show appreciation are through actions……by keeping commitments with our loved ones, by being honest and acting from a place of integrity. I cooked a wonderfully simple yet delicious meal for a friend last night, which for me is a metaphor for nurturing and says I value this relationship and so nurture our relationship by nurturing you. Get creative. How can you discover new ways to show appreciation and gratitude for the people in your life that are special?

Love calls upon us to open our hearts, to be love and give love in order for love to come back to us. While it may sound narcissistic, the ability to manifest love in our lives comes from a foundation of loving ourselves. Before we are able to truly appreciate others we must be able to appreciate the incredibleness with in ourselves, and to value ourselves, right now, right here, as we are. Before we can embrace love coming towards us, we must be able to love ourselves enough to be able to send love out, unconditionally, compassionately, and with trust. Andy Dooley, a very cool dude who I have been following lately, really nails this idea in this funny and wonderful video. 

While many of us know that we might need to do things differently in our relationships, it’s not always easy to integrate this awareness into our every day lives. Sometimes it is just a matter of re-training ourselves while committing to creating positive change and transformation. They say the longest journey is from the head to the heart. Why not bring along a guide who can support you in bringing light to the dark places, who is skilled in recognizing the blocks that keep you from intimacy and connection, who has the awareness of new ways of doing things, and can train you to make that shift??

I invite you to consider the idea of hiring a skilled relationship Coach to help you on your way. You can check out my offerings here .

My heart is full with the wonder and gratitude of all the love in my life, and the many opportunities placed before me to engage in ways that serve love, to guide and support others on their path towards deeper intimacy, and to bring an alive juiciness into the world around me. Yaa love, it really is the answer to most any question.  :)


Blissful Gratitude

Be Grateful.Wow! In this moment my heart is bursting with gratitude as I sit reflecting on all the wonderful things in my life. Mostly I am grateful for the work that I have chosen for myself. (Scroll down to see my detailed list!) Because of that, each day is a continuous opportunity to be “Living Bliss”, to practice “Getting My Bliss-ology On”, and to engage in “Bliss101”. I mean, if I’m going to advocate it, I have to be it, right? And what a gift it is!

Hey, don’t get me wrong. I have my days, and mood swings, and moments of not remembering. I’m not perfect. But as a Messenger of Bliss, I get to be constantly reminded of what choices are available to me, by my work. Some times, in those moments of darkness I hear the same words I shared with a client, and I burst out laughing. I’ve chosen many careers over my lifetime, and this one, by far, is the most fun, and the one that challenges me the most to live with integrity, purpose, passion, and authenticity. And that is an amazing gift to be uber thankful for, I think!

(Recently I interviewed a self-proclaimed “Joyologist”, Melodee Stumpf, on Bliss101Radio. We decided that when we become an honor student of Bliss-ology, we become Certified Joyologists! And, she shared about how she handles those dark days-take a listen, it’s a really fabulous interview.)

Along with the gift of my work comes many other things that I am immensely grateful for, which I’ve listed below. What are you grateful for? Are you paying attention to all the amazing things in your life? Are you sharing that gratitude?

  • Top of the list no doubt: YOU!!! Thank you for being the amazing personthat you are, for being in my life, for encouraging me to be the best I can be, just by being here. Yes, you are awesome!
  • The ability to live life on my own terms, to create and design the life of bliss I desire.
  • My dear friends who stick by me thru think and thin.
  • My Kitty-Luv, who currently is in my lap, with her head resting on my right wrist as I type this! Silly cat, doesn’t seem like a comfy way to rest, but I have to admit, that’s a look of bliss on her face. Ha! (see video on right)
  • Warm sunshine, soft wind, delicious moon-glow, starry nights, howling coyotes, sunflowers, pomegranate’s, expansive views, mountains…oh heck, all of Mama Nature!
  • Music that soothes my soul, moves my body, lifts my day, and inspires my heart. (My current fav’s: Prem Joshua and Herb Albert Tijuana Brass)
  • My Ecstatic Dance community-you dance me into Bliss!
  • Food on my plate, a warm house, a working car, things that make my life comfortable.
  • Eyes that see, hands that touch, ears that hear, a heart that feels, lungs that breath, a body that is healthy, a spirit that loves.
  • The opportunity to live yet another awesome day on this most amazing planet, with other incredible beings walking and laughing the bliss path.

How about making a gratitude list, and sharing it with your loved ones??

For me Thanksgiving is all about gratitude, and offering our thanks to the wonderful world around us. May you have an awesome Thanksgiving, surrounded by the very things that you are most thankful for.

Honoring All Womyn Part 2

Gaia, DetailAs March draws to a close, and Spring is showing up on our doorsteps with singing birds and budding crocuses, I find myself reflecting on the immense and amazing process of the life/birth cycle. Mother Nature, of course, is the ultimate metaphor, and truth, of this process. She is the Divine Mother, the powerful feminine standing strong in her authentic beauty, rawness, expansion and contraction. Her process does not include questioning or doubt, it is inherently trusted that the sun will rise in the morning, day will turn to night, Winter to Spring, and all that lives will die only to live again. It is an intricately designed system that works beyond our wildest imaginations, that is synergy in motion, perfection in the incredible perfection of it all. What lessons we can learn from this divine feminine force, from this iconic state of being.

March, as mentioned in previous posts, is the month that International Woman’s Day gets celebrated. Last weekend, in the small community I live in, we had a lively night of entertainment, showcasing some of Bisbee’s female talent, of which I was honored to be apart of, in acknowledgement of Woman’s day. Reading the original piece of my own, that I shared in my last post,  was sweet and vulnerable, and I felt so lovingly embraced as I did.

“Yoni Speaks”, by Melissa Seaman, is a powerful piece that has resonated with me for years, and this year it resounds strongly in my core even more so. Choosing to read this transforming piece was both scary and freeing. I share it with you here, giving full honor and credit to Melissa as a powerful Yoni Shaman, as she calls herself. This is important and necessary work for us all, men and womyn. It is my story, your story, her-story, his-story, Earth-story. Let me know what you think.

Yoni speaks..

I am angry. I have been transgressed. It was not him who desecrated me. It was you. You let him in to far – again!

I know, Womyn. Together we long to be touched in the Center, to be contacted in the deepest. We long to be seen for the radiant Goddess-carrier we are, in our fullness, in our power. And we long to be met by one who is willing to look on the terrible beautiful face of this full Goddess, to Stay.

But this was not the man. You knew that. And you still seduced him into the Holy of Holies, inviting him to take whatever he wanted from our sacred place. Your longing took the better of you.

How can you now blame him? Did you tell him the truth of your imagined agreement? Did you clear his consent for ownership? How can you forget how to protect yourself so?

You know how a man is programmed. He is dazzled by the light in the Temple. He is driven by desire and instinct. It is your Temple, and you invitation, that draws him or keeps him at bay.

I know. It has been eons since you held the gates of the Temple for yourself. They took away your guards long ago. You were dragged, screaming, by your hair, down the marble steps of the Temple, and into the street. You were cut, raped, opened, and bled. Many times.

You still remember the punishment in every cell of your body. I do not blame you Sister/Mother/Lover/Friend. But, I am calling you Home to your wisdom, with the power of my Rage.

You ask, “How, Mother, will I know how far to let him in?” I tell you. If he comes to leave an offering, allow him to the steps, to leave his first offering at the gates. If he is found worthy to receive from the Temple, then let him in, but only to the entryway, to the foyer, from which he might catch a glimpse of the glory, but not able to revel to long, nor take it away.

If you find he is trusted in Love, then allow him to approach your altar and pledge his devotion, to worship at your table. Meet him there and devote yourself with him. This is a deep place of offering, and even here, you are tempting heart break should you invite one who is not ready.

But only if you intend to let him claim you, should you invite him into the Holy of Holies. You know inside yourself, this place where he touches, and you Fully Open. This is the place of your Priest and Partner. This is the sacred place of Trust reserved for the Priest of the Temple-the one who will protect her with his own Life.

You will know this Priest because he will gladly lay the needs of his ego aside, and devote himself to the Vitality and Mystery that runs through you, honoring you as the keeper and the container, and pledging devotion to caring gently for this container in on going devotion.

Your Priest will not come for a day or a week. He will pledge himself to service of your Temple for his foreseeable future, because he will recognize that All He Seeks is in your eyes, your belly, your womyn’s soul.

He will find that you are his Gateway to the divine feminine, and he will choose wisely to honor you as such, despite his primal ego’s longing to collect Yoni’s in a fruitless habit of tasting gates instead of walking through them and dwelling Within.

Are you listening to your Yoni? Are you feeling healed, sensual, powerful? Yoni is a sacred Sanskrit word for vagina. She represents the secret power and voice of womyn. She has been silenced by the modern patriarchal cultures which have viewed her as dangerous and dirty.

But the voice of the feminine is awakening in the world, a co-creative process that reconnects all people to their creative joy, their integrity, and their feminine beauty and radiance.

Men, too, are finding their Yoni Power, as the feminine is alive in both men and womyn. Men willing to sit in their feminine energy have received some major healing’s in reconnecting to their own deep intuitive wisdom and mother energy.

Womyn everywhere are hearing the Call of their Yoni to become more fully feminine, alive, radiant, and powerful in the world. She again has a voice. Now it is her turn to speak..invite her and she will speak through you, and to you, too….

by Melissa Seaman

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