Margie Scott, Life Coach Extraordinaire, has skillfully, naturally, and caringly guided me through a time of very high stress, of immobility, and of overwhelm into a place of hope and unlimited possibilities. Margie has a comfortable, easy presence that is completely understanding, empathetic, non-judgemental and wise. She has helped me get back on track when I felt as if there was no way out of a very difficult time and gave me the guidance I needed to feel happy and hopeful again. Thanks to Margie and Lynise at The Healing Tree, I know everything is going to be fine.


Laura, insurance sales rep

“Thanks again, Margie, for all of your help and guidance, on this very challenging path, and for always handing me the shovel when it’s time to get to the deep digging!!

Cindy, hospice care nurse

“I found myself in a transitional period a while back and booked some coaching time with Margie to get some perspective. I’ve done psychotherapy before, where the assumption is that something’s wrong with you, but that’s not what Margie does. I thought of her as helping me with map-reading on my life expedition for a while, so I could better notice the rapids coming up around the next bend in the river. Thanks, Margie!”

Spence McCleave, Medical Records Reviewer

“Margie, you have been very supportive of me and my “winning game” since the very beginning. As a result of the work we have done together I am feeling much more confident, and my game, at this point, could be headed for the major league!”

Nancy Ehlenbeck, Small business owner-Architects For Life

“This is not a “job” for you, it is so obviously your life’s work”

Jim ShowkerSound Production Specialist

“Coach Margie helped me to gain new perspective and dig deeper for greater understanding.    Together we explored options and practical ideas for addressing the challenges I’m facing.  Through our coaching sessions Margie offered amazing insight and feedback; she helped me gain clarity and provided loving accountability for my action steps.”

Kelly MorrisonRetreat Coach and Artist

With a focus on team building and leadership, your workshop was extremely successful. The experiences and interactions provided new tools to our volunteer crisis advocates and staff members. They were able to assume leadership roles in the workshop and take initiative because of the creative and effective experiential exercises you had us do and your keen ability to work with large groups of diverse personalities in a short period of time. Our volunteer advocates can now rely upon their new skills and awareness when they respond to call-outs by law enforcement to assist with victims of crime, our staff can use their new skill-set to better handle victims’ telephone calls and walk-ins to our office, and I can use these new tools to enhance my management of our program and limited human resources.”

Robert J. Klein, Cochise County Victim Witness Program Manager

“I REALLY appreciate that you don’t REQUIRE the participants to go further than their comfort zones….only the gentle nudging to try something new, to express themselves more fully.  Allowing each woman to express herself, with no judgment and then gently suggesting and underlining the positive about that expression, be it her experience, thought or emotion…that is what you, as the facilitator, do so well.”
Mary Cunningham, Womyn’s Retreat Participant

With the exception of the group of survivors that I am in contact with…..I’ve never felt safer or more at home ! I will be back !!!!It was a wonderful gift !!!!! I’m glad I trundled up my guts and attended :)

Oliver Searchfield (regarding The Great Turning retreat evening)

Just wanted to take a moment and thank you. Our first coaching session already has made a difference in my life. I am more aware that I can request things from others, do the follow up required and expect an acceptable return and I am able to perceive my environment in a different way so that it reveals possibilities; not just limitations.

I am a VERY conservative person and much more likely to take the “get up, dust off your butt and keep going” approach. While I still hold that approach, it accelerates the process to have a guide who appreciates individual values and standards and aligns the session to accommodate. Thank you, again!

Margaret, Media Consultant

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What Does Life On Your Terms Look Like?

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